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We are pleased to announce our partnership with Community Bank List.

This partnership will provide our shareholders with a convenient and transparent marketplace to post notices to buy or sell Old Town Bank stock.

Community Bank List allows you to post notices online for stock you wish to transact. These listing notices will not disclose your identity or any confidential information. You simply enter your desire to buy or sell, the number of shares, and the price. Interested parties will contact you via email. You need only respond to the offers you are interested in pursuing. Additionally you can register to receive alerts whenever new postings are created.

Through our agreement with Community Bank List, you may post your listings at no cost by entering our exclusive access code for any listing (buying or selling) of Old Town Bank shares. The Bank has sent a letter to each of its shareholders informing them of the access code. If you need the access code again, please call the bank at 828-456-3006 and ask for Shareholder Relations.

Once you have finished any negotiations and decided to move forward with the transaction, simply contact Lurissia Hendrix 828-456-3006 and she will assist you in completing the transaction. Do not attempt to transfer shares without our involvement.

We are pleased to offer this valuable service to you and hope that you will take advantage of it by registering with Community Bank List at www.CommunityBankList.com.

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